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Unique Soft

Unique Soft Network & IT Solutions, is the only company who provides File Maker Pro products, Solution and Maintenance in UAE. We are a full service product development company with the proven track record of producing outstanding enterprise solutions. From concept to launch-ready product we leverage mature technologies and lean methodologies to mitigate our client’s risk and accelerate time to market.

At Unique Soft Network & IT Solutions, we work hard to provide out of the box solutions for Mass DataCenters, Complete IT Infrastructures, ERP Applications, Mobile Applications, Web Applications and Functional applications Design & Development. We also provide technical and non technical staff outsourcing services.

We are a company who believes that everything which affects an end user is a part of the design & development process. We are committed to enabling people and verticals through high performance industry solutions and applications.

Throughout our history, we have expanded our offerings and capitalized on evolving technology trends to better serve our clients.

With our extensive team, massive technology portfolio, subject matter expertise in verticals and delivery method, we work with clients to achieve he best fit between technology and their business. Also by having engineers both onshore and offshore presence, we are well equipped to offer our clients “Best Execution” partnership and support; whether it is breaking new ground on custom development or 24/7 Managed Services for Software and Platform operational needs.

We dig deep to find solutions that work for our clients' specific situations, and we do that by creating solutions that are useful, usable ,desirable and affordable.

Interior Design Management System:

Our solution manages all the categories, like finishes& fit outs, FF & E, Suppliers & Manufacturers database. It prepares an electronic booklet for design, final design and construction design phase.

It has predefined templates for Finishes & Fit-outs and FF & E specifications, which helps the CAD engineers/Site Architects and Designers in preparing the finished product layout in the form of booklet/catalogue. This makes the implementation team job easier to conduct the relevant work. You can also use this solution on mobile devices/tablets.

At any point the whole project can be saved or downloaded in PDF and word format. Instead of preparing a new sheet for a similar project, you can also duplicate the project specification sheet. It is very easy to manage all categories in finishes & fit outs like (Doors & Ironmongery, Custom &; loose furniture, Art & Accessories, Electrical Appliances, Wall, Floor, Ceiling, and a lot more)

It can be accessed from anywhere around the globe at anytime through computer, tablets and mobile devices. Multiple users can use it from different locations at the same time.

Stationary, Bespoke and Print Management System:


This solution is specially design for large organizations and stationary stores to manage their stationary and large scale printing orders.

People around the company network can apply online for the stationery or Print Job, their requests will go to their approval authorities and then it will land to stationary and print store. Where the store staff will deliver the requested items to the end user. End user will receive the material and sign on IPAD to give acknowledge, a request closure Email will go to their manager and stationery store for the invoicing purpose.

This solution is made with the combination of PHP and FileMaker Pro. It is also integrated with Active Directory, CAFM System and Email exchange server. The user makes a single login via PHP programming and the File Maker Pro fetches the Active directory values like end user name, department, floor, email, approval authority and contact number and display this information into the order request form. This helps the delivery boy to deliver at accurate place.

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