Developer testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what developers say about Claris FileMaker.

Discover some testimonials of Claris FileMaker users:

"FileMaker helps us save considerable hours of manual operations and gives easy access to valuable data for quick decision-making.

It is a very handy and effective tool for developing customized solutions and handling large data, even for non-programmers or professionals without background in IT.  Complex database as ERP's can be deployed from scratch and put in action in a short duration."

"FileMaker helped to prototype complex ideas quickly and rollout solutions part by part using in-house resources.

FileMaker has allowed me to connect my business systems and create unique views and connections, hence creating a singular hub of information to improve and secure the information workflows for the teams."

"FileMaker is the heart and eye to our business.

FileMaker helps us track industrial machines from order to sale as well as payments and accounting, to manage customers and suppliers, and to control and follow all our employees’ work."

"FileMaker Pro has been an absolute game-changer for our company. With its intuitive interface and robust features, we've been able to optimize our systems and increase productivity across the board."

"In our case it seems like nothing is impossible with FileMaker.
Whatever solution ideas we come up with, FileMaker can create a solution.
Amazing and Fantastic."

"The fact of using FileMaker since the 80ies proves its capabilities."

"FileMaker is a powerful and effective tool that helps businesses improve customer retention, enhance sales and marketing strategies, increase operational efficiency, foster collaboration and communication, and gain data-driven insights.

Our solution, developed with FileMaker, allows us to store all agency customers data and company operations in one central location. Team members can collaborate more effectively, sharing information seamlessly. This helps for efficient internal processes, optimized workflows, improved communication, and reduced errors.

By automating routine tasks and reducing repetitive, manual data entry, we have a more streamlined and efficient approach to customer relationship management. We can easily identify and address customer needs more effectively, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. Through extensive set of valuable reporting we are able to gain deeper insights into our customers operations. By tracking business records and analyzing data, we are able to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities for our scope of services."