Industry and manufacturing

Claris empowers companies to streamline processes
and increase their agility and productivity.

The industry is a moving and constantly evolving sector with more and more interconnections and market challenges (globalization, customization demands, regulatory proliferation).
The pandemic impacted factories and industrial sites worldwide, highlighting the renewed importance of business continuity and supply-chain resilience for industrial customers.

Too many companies are relying on paper forms, outdated tech, and spreadsheets which are ill-equipped to manage that complexity and, in this context, they need to constantly reinvent themselves and be agile.

Connecting industrial sites and production equipment, digitizing, and automating operations, and acting upon real-time data are critical for the future of industrial and manufacturing. Embracing digital transformation can lead to reduced risks, greater speed-to-market, increased margins, and competitive advantage.

Claris FileMaker empowers companies to generate unprecedented efficiencies and secure a sustainable competitive edge.

Create an integrated system

Manage operations for each stage of the process in a single scalable platform: quoting, order entry and tracking, scheduling among multiple production departments, inventory, traceability, inventory, and shipping.

Automate processes

Coordinate the many complex processes involved in day-to-day activities and automate repetitive tasks to reduce errors associated with manual data handling and speed up approval processes.

Increase visibility and agility

Gain insights with real-time dashboards and reports, identify inefficiencies, enhance collaboration, and anticipate well in advance any unforeseen issues to implement effective solutions and maintain productivity.

FileMaker is a very handy and effective tool for developing customized solutions and handling large data, even for non-programmers or professionals without background in IT.
Complex database as ERP's can be deployed from scratch and put in action in a short duration.
FileMaker helps us save considerable hours of manual operations and gives easy access to valuable data for quick decision-making.

Nizar Mansour, General Manager Operations

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Workforce management
Keep your people trained, motivated, and productive (onboarding, skills training, certifications, performance measurement, scheduling…).
Inventory management
Input, manage, and keep track of inventory.
Tracking system
Track and trace the location of goods and components.
Label generation
Generate lot label for a given item or order.

And so much more...

FileMaker is the heart and eye to our business. It helps us track industrial machines from order to sale as well as payments and accounting, to manage customers and suppliers, and to control and follow all our employees’ work.

Abdel Karim Zuhair, CEO
Larosa Hardware & Equipment Company Limited

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