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Claris empowers companies to efficiently manage their business, while supporting their clients, team and margins.

With more and more professional services companies driving towards innovative ways of working digitally and shifting customer expectations, companies need to speed up their services and become more agile.

To survive in today’s competitive environment and thrive in the years to come, service-oriented companies must embrace new technologies and rethink their business processes, service offerings and how they engage clients.

Digital transformation opens up new opportunities to deliver better quality services, maximize the return on investment but also helps to discover new ways of enhancing services in the future.

Claris FileMaker empowers service-oriented firms to manage efficiently the whole project lifecycle, improve process efficiency, workflows, and user experience.

Manage projects

Manage all aspects of the project lifecycle from start to finish and trace project status, progress and costs in one place to make sure projects are on track.

Enhance productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and processes such as project billing and invoicing, reminders of project milestones and meetings, tasks… to free up time to provide more value to clients.

Increase visibility and agility

Gain insights with real-time dashboards and reports, monitor resource utilization needs, project progress, tasks status, profit margin… to assign the right resources at the right time and to ensure project scope, costs and timeframes are on track.

Access data anywhere anytime

Access all the project data remotely and at meetings with the client to follow closely the project progress and keep agile to maintain the client satisfaction.

Our solution, developed with FileMaker, allows us to store all agency customers data and company operations in one central location. Team members can collaborate more effectively, sharing information seamlessly. This helps for efficient internal processes, optimized workflows, improved communication, and reduced errors.

By automating routine tasks and reducing repetitive, manual data entry, we have a more streamlined and efficient approach to customer relationship management. We can easily identify and address customer needs more effectively, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Through extensive set of valuable reporting we are able to gain deeper insights into our customers operations. By tracking business records and analyzing data, we are able to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities for our scope of services.

George Churussinov, Managing Director

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Project tracker
Plan, coordinate and execute tasks more effectively, and keep track of the progress.
Workplace management
Monitor employees’ performance, manage absence, plan trainings… to boost employee engagement and productivity.
Portfolio management
Prioritize incoming work and manage underlying workforce, financials, budgets, and investments.

And so much more...

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