Discover more about Anataka, Claris partner.

Anataka is manufacturer based in Poland. They developed many solutions for their needs and help other companies developing tools to meet their business needs.

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Main industries addressed

Anataka develops apps and solutions, mostly for small businesses in the health industry:


Anataka and FileMaker

Anataka has developed its expertise in FileMaker solutions for more than 10 years. They not only deliver effective custom apps for their clients but also use FileMaker solution to manage their own data.

The company has selected FileMaker mainly for:

  • The rapidity to develop
  • The stability

Illustration of Anataka expertise

Anataka successfully developed a solution to meet the specific needs and business challenge for the health industry.

The customer’s objective?

Have a solution to manage all their tasks and workflows.

The result?

Anataka developed a solution tailored to their needs to manage helpdesk, planner, client files, accounting...