IT Admin

Dramatically reduce your IT project backlog and quickly deploy apps and workflows that are secure, compliant, and performant for your team, without sacrificing quality, security, or control.

The flexibility of Claris solutions continually align with IT governance principles to manage risk and optimize performance:

  • Security: Use robust industry-standard security features to protect your data.
  • Integration: Easily integrate Claris with existing systems and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Administration: Maintain and monitor your system with intuitive, time-saving tools.
  • Deployment: Deploy apps in any environment and on any platform; scale to 500 users.

Maintain the security & compliance

Protect your data

Ensure your data is compliant with industry regulations and remains safe with robust industry-standard security features: SOC 2, ISO certifications (ISO/IEC 27001 for information security management) and (ISO/IEC 27018 for personal data in the cloud), AES-256 encryption, SSL/TLS 1.2, AWS key management for Cloud Services, authentication (via Active Directory, Open Directory or OAuth 2.0) and role-based access.

Ensure availability & reliability

Streamline infrastructures and processes

Avoid loss of service, minimize downtime and keep all services operational at all times: automated admin tasks, 24/7 monitoring, automated backup, remote management of apps…

Optimize your infrastructure costs

Reduce the risks and costs and maximize ROI
  • Scale deployments to support up to 500 simultaneous clients,
  • Deploy in any environment (cloud, on-premise, hybrid, mobile, or even offline) and platform (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, iPadOS, and web),
  • Easily integrate with existing systems with Data API and SQL,
  • Automate repetitive tasks with intuitive, time-saving tools.

The flexibility of Claris FileMaker continually aligns with IT governance principles to manage risk and optimize performance.