Transportation and logistics

Claris empowers companies to increase the resilience and agility of supply chain and better adapt to fast-changing customer expectations and market conditions.

The regulatory, economic and workforce challenges present in the transportation industry, drive leaders to embrace innovation.
As fuel prices rise, the need for eco-friendly transport grows and customers’ expectations increases (for shorter delivery, reduced costs, and real-time tracking), digital transformation is a must to compete and succeed in this challenging industry.

Where speed and time are critical factors, new technologies help leaders to plan and execute the physical movement of goods and facilitate decision making, follow-ups, inventory management, route planning, load optimization and cost reduction.

Claris FileMaker empowers companies to manage end-to-end logistics and gain visibility into day-to-day transportation operations, to increase efficiency.

Manage end-to-end logistics

Plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, whether by road, rail, ocean or air and get visibility with reports and dashboards for a more efficient transportation planning and execution.

Streamline operations

Automate manual, repetitive tasks and unnecessary paperwork and ensure a constant flow of information between the teams and with the partners to improve efficiency and minimize costs.

Improve reliability

Ensure ongoing compliance from the initial load assignment throughout the shipment lifecycle to minimize penalties and shipment delays.

Minds change when they see how much we can do with a small team. We wouldn’t be doing development ourselves if we didn’t have a tool like FileMaker — it never took more than a handful of people to build the solution. This is important because of cost, obviously. But to me, as IT manager, what is even more important here in Africa, is to stay in control of solutions.

Serge De Pauw, Group ICT Director

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Fleet management
Handle every aspect of the fleet, including maintenance, fueling and expense tracking.
Carrier management
Assign, manage, and review carriers (contract, costs, countries covered, performance…).
Inventory management
Input, manage, and keep track of inventory.

And so much more...

The Claris FileMaker solution has digitized and streamlined many of our processes in our branch, and it has allowed us to simplify a lot of manual and time-consuming procedures. The ability to create custom applications tailored to our needs, has revolutionized many long and tedious procedures. It has allowed external sources to access our internal data infrastructure safely and efficiently. We have used this platform to streamline invoicing, budgeting, and manning our fleet.

M.K., Application Development Engineer

You want to innovate to streamline shipping processes and optimize transport operations?

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