Claris empowers organizations with streamlined workflows
so they can focus on what's important – driving change.

Nonprofits lead in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges—and in recent years, their work has never been more essential.
To carry out their mission and reach as many beneficiaries as possible, they face major challenges: sustainability, retaining and engaging donors, finding the right volunteers, organizing their internal and external processes.

The pandemic has also accelerated the need for nonprofit organizations to be even more adaptive and agile to meet their mission statement and the needs of key stakeholders (beneficiaries, donors, and employees).
To sustain their organizations and continue to deliver on their missions, it is critical for nonprofits to embrace digital innovations

New technologies open new opportunities to change the way nonprofits generate revenue and engage their stakeholders.

Claris FileMaker empowers nonprofit organizations to streamline their processes and fulfill their missions.

Streamline processes

Handle all nonprofit operations, including fundraising, event planning, and effective management of key stakeholders to deliver services and programs more efficiently and sustainably.

Increase the impact of actions

Seamlessly connect people, processes, and technology to increase productivity, innovate to serve more people and achieve a high level of trust and transparency with stakeholders to foster engagement.

Monitor impact

Get insights from reports on the results of actions to allocate capital to impactful initiatives and build trust with your donors and potential donors.

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Donor management
Manage donors and donations and improve donor engagement.
Volunteer scheduling
Plan and track schedules and coordinate volunteers’ actions.
Event management
Manage events from planning to promotion (setting up, scheduling, allocating work, budgeting and registration).

And so much more...

You want to maximize the impact of your actions and drive change?

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