Organize and manage data

What if you could get control of your data to create value for your business?

In this digital era, data is one of the most significant assets for any business.
The increasing volume of data has made it difficult for companies to manage and use data efficiently.
Yet if used effectively, this inexhaustible raw material can turn into gold.

Becoming a data-centric company means turning that data into the source for better analytics and governance throughout the business.

Use your data to your advantage and choose the right tool to store, collect, transform, distribute, and share your valuable data.

The benefits of a good data management for your organization:

Informed decision-making

to drive business growth by leveraging real-time, verified, analyzed information.

Increased visibility

by making it easier for people to find the right data quickly and confidently for their analysis and better do their job.

Data quality

to make informed decisions without the hassle of guesswork by eliminating redundancies and ensuring data consistency, reliability, completeness, and accuracy.

Data security

by protecting from data losses, thefts, and breaches with authentication and encryption tools.


to spot market trends and take advantage of new business opportunities more quickly.


by organizing and managing an ever-increasing volume and variety of data.

Key figures of the benefits of custom apps to manage your data

saw a reduction in
inefficient tasks

saw an increase in
team productivity

saw a reduction in
data entry


The challenge

Finding a solution that suits your needs and grows with your business.

Use Claris FileMaker and propel confident data-driven decision making for your business.

FileMaker is a low-code tool with pro-code power to manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects, and more.
  • Drag and drop to create layouts,
  • Use built-in templates and add-ons,
  • Scale to terabytes of data,
  • Connect data and processes across your existing systems, integrating with popular apps like Slack, DocuSign, and more,
  • Run apps on Windows and Mac,
  • Create mobile apps,
  • Share apps on phones, tablets, and laptops,
  • Make instant reports on the fly.

Businesses of all types are using Claris FileMaker to better manage all their data, projects, customers, tasks, and inventory.

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