FileMaker Starter Kit

Your FileMaker toolset

You want to purchase FileMaker but need guidance to quickly take it in hand and make its best use?
FileMaker Starter Kit is the tool you need to get smoothly started with FileMaker.
Total : 600€ (excl. tax)

After purchasing the Starter Kit you will be contacted by one of the members of our Support Team to schedule your sessions. The services included in the Starter Kit can be used during a period of 12 months, starting from the purchase date.

The Starter Kit does not include consultancy, customization services or conception from scratch.

The Starter Kit includes:
Installation guidance – 30 minutes remotely

After purchasing your software, our Support Team will help you to install FileMaker on your machines.

Training – 1 hour remotely

Discover the main FileMaker features:

  • Create a new solution using templates, external files like Excel
  • Import and export of data
  • Create PDF files
  • Share your database with FileMaker users or in FileMaker Server
  • Launch your database using WebDirect and other connection types
  • Use the specific functions of Winsoft localized versions (e.g. right-to-left texts and paragraphs, Hindi digits, specific options for the Middle East, add new dictionaries)
Technical support – 2 hours remotely
  • Get priority and personal access to Technical Support
  • Receive assistance to audit and analyze the issue and get a solution
  • 2 sessions max will be available for this service (for further assistance, the service needs to be renewed)
Upgrade to the latest version at the release – 30 minutes remotely

As a part of your Annual or Maintenance contract you will receive the new version of FileMaker for free at the launch. Our Support Team can then help you to upgrade correctly and migrate your files (version 12 and earlier) to the latest version.