Claris empowers companies with digital solutions to ensure
a safe working environment and increase profitability.

Technology has reimagined every industry, and construction, being one of the world economy’s largest sectors, is no exception.

The construction industry operates in an extremely competitive environment and faces ongoing pressure to innovate, become more efficient, and address cost pressures. To tackle these challenges and thrive, professionals in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry embrace more or more new technologies to improve safety and increase productivity and profitability.

Claris FileMaker empowers companies to optimize their processes and improve site safety and efficiency.

Standardize and automate safety procedures

Safeguard data, manage risk and meet compliance standards with standardized processes and a reliable, secure, and performant server —without compromising productivity.

Streamline processes

Streamline the entire project lifecycle by connecting field and office and centralizing information to unite tasks, plans, and schedules in one place and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Improve communication

Connect owners, contractors, and the operation team with real-time information to enhance collaboration, eliminate delays and increase productivity.

We’re grateful we used FileMaker, as it’s very easy to implement changes compared to other technologies, thanks to a drag-and-drop feature. Now, changing a layout takes a matter of minutes.
Other required updates can be done in real-time and very easily as well, so construction at sites and updates to the system can happen at the same time. We are the magicians now!

Daniel Kwarteng, developer
IT Consortium

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Project execution management
Manage the life cycle of a project to work more efficiently, build faster and quickly identify potential issues and their impact to schedule and budgets.
Bid management
Manage the entire bidding process (from bid package creation to bid award) and information to submit a bid.
Project scheduling
Schedule, manage and track the planning and progress of construction sites to optimize organization and gain in efficiency.

And so much more...

You want to innovate to streamline your processes and control the scope, cost, time, quality of your projects?

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