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Claris empowers public institutions to deliver public value
through better-performing and responsive services.

With a more connected ecosystem, introducing new digital services becomes crucial to get access to the relevant information and share it at the right time.
Creating a secure environment that adapts to growing and fast-changing demands, while guaranteeing continuity and reliability, is extremely challenging.

Government organizations face many challenges that complexify this evolution including legislation, bureaucracy, complex core systems, budget restrictions and citizen demands. With a multiplicity of data and processes in motion over multiple departments, change on any level can be complex and risky.

To succeed in the digital transformation of government agencies, it is crucial to embrace technologies that provide smart solutions that improve experiences and processes without compromising transparency, collaboration, and security.

Claris FileMaker empowers government organizations to improve the quality of public services to the community, to optimize public spending but also to offer government workers a better working environment for greater efficiency.

Streamline processes

Improve efficiency and reduce error-prone manual tasks thanks to solutions that automate workflows as well as scale and bridge silos across agencies.

Centralize info

Connect easily and quickly data from various sources and deliver actionable information across the teams.

Get the insight from the data

Make timely and informed decisions and keep everyone aligned on the priorities with comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Ensure data integrity and security

Safeguard sensitive and confidential information and ensure compliance to cyber security standards thanks to strong authentication, granular control, and data encryption.

In an ever-changing industry, FileMaker is the perfect tool to develop quickly solutions and rapidly implement evolutions, even in real time. FileMaker is so flexible and reliable that we use it to manage and run our whole activity: our data (item references, prices, documents, fleet…), our finance, the project executions, as well as all the electrification files (tenders, orders, invoices, payment follow-ups…).

Marc Dijoux, IT Manager
Sidélec (Syndicat Intercommunal d'Électricité du Département de la Réunion)

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Data and record management
Create, manage, and store government records for easier reference and search.
Workforce management
Recruit talents, improve management and optimize working methods and collaboration across teams.
Procurement and contract management
Create a frictionless process to manage and track negotiations and contracts.
Budget management
Manage financial and accounting data and ensure the proper use of public funds against budget goals.
Event organization and registration
Plan, budget, source and manage events of all kinds and get insights into event KPIs.
Public surveys
Gather information from the community and measure opinions to foster citizens engagement and improve the quality of public service.

And so much more...

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