Claris empowers healthcare providers to streamline
their processes and stay focused on patients.

Patient needs and organizational processes are quickly adapting to a post-pandemic world, forcing healthcare workers and organizations to adapt and reinvent themselves.

To keep pace with change, healthcare providers need to embrace dynamic technology solutions to become more efficient, freeing up valuable time and resources to devote to patient care.
To ensure coordinated and fluid care pathways, healthcare professionals need to have intuitive, efficient, and secure tools, able to receive, manage and transmit considerable volumes of data and communications, while respecting their integrity and security.

Claris FileMaker empowers healthcare providers to reduce inefficiencies that slow down services and to improve overall patient care through optimized experiences and tools.

Manage patients

Streamline processes and workflows to handle patients’ pathway: patient information, scheduling, check-ins, follow-ups, feedbacks… and ensure progress, compliance, and patient satisfaction.

Manage inventory

Organize and keep track of equipment and supplies to avoid redundancies, lost assets or supply and monetary losses.

Ensure data integrity and security

Safeguard sensitive and confidential information and ensure compliance to the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) Security Rule to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

Access data anywhere anytime

Consult patient information and results in the field, regardless of location, for instantaneous healthcare.

FileMaker has allowed me to connect my business systems and create unique views and connections, hence creating a singular hub of information to improve and secure the information workflows for the teams.

Karim Ghoul, Commercial Operations Director
Gulf Scientific Corporation

Here are some other examples of what you can achieve with Claris FileMaker:

Patient management
Gather and store patient information (contact information, appointment scheduling, billing information, patient diagnoses…).
Staff onboarding
Streamline processes to effectively onboard and train new employees.
Inventory and supplies management
Monitor and track stock levels and locations.
Facilities management
Supervise the maintenance, operations and overall security of healthcare facilities.
Clinical trial management
Effectively plan, manage, and track clinical studies (protocol review, testing procedures and trial management, timelines and results).

And so much more...

Digitalization, integrations, scaling – these are inevitable processes for any healthcare organization that wants to maintain a certain standard of care and outcome. The implications are really big. Every hospital needs to take it into consideration, and not only on the administrative level. The future in healthcare is digital, and with FileMaker, you always stay ahead of the curve.

Serban Udrea, Development Manager
Medisprof Hospital

Check some apps created with FileMaker to manage the COVID-19 crisis:

  • ReaCovid allows hospitals to manage the availability of beds equipped with respiratory devices for COVID patients.
  • Vax Tracker improves the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccination sites by eliminating paper processes since all patient data is gathered digitally with iPad devices. The custom app helps reduce wait times and increases the number of vaccinations provided each day.
  • COVID-19 Tracker enables hospitals and clinics to track people who have pre-existing cardiopulmonary conditions and are at greater risk for COVID-19 complications.
  • Help@Hand provides assistance to those who face challenges with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines – such as safely getting groceries, medicines, and other daily essentials.

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