Tackle any challenge by becoming a professional low code developer.

Your opportunities are endless with Claris FileMaker:
build complete solutions, faster, and without compromise.

Claris is the professional low-code platform that lets you meet any project requirement:

  • Build an entire app with only one tool,
  • Solve simple to complex business problems with a powerful, versatile, robust tool,
  • Use a solution with infinite possibilities that can literally grow in any direction.

Get started quickly & effectively

Onboard and train to build reliable custom solutions
  • Rely on an easy-to-use solution with a low barrier of entry for faster time to market,


  • Grow skills by interacting with a passionate, devoted, committed community,


  • Solve implementation challenges and debug quicker by relying on a large community backing the plaftorm.

Develop and deploy secured solutions

Translate the company business requirements into a custom solution
  • Use a proven and reliable technological foundation to solve business problems,


  • Create bespoke applications that map directly your business,


  • Use a powerful, versatile, robust tool that can solve simple to complex business problems.
Organize data and streamline business processes
  • Have the ability to model custom logic to fit business requirements,


  • Set up Workflow Automation and customize workflows, build real-time and scheduled workflows that will lead to better team collaboration,


  • Rely on original, human-centric approaches to data management, expression and automation.
Integrate data from multiple sources and apps
  • Fill the gaps on whatever is left with all other apps you have,


  • Create workflows across systems and apps,


  • Integrate to external data sources (with ODBC/JDBC connectivity), with other apps and with existing systems.

Support the growth with scalable solutions

Evolve built solutions to stay current with business requirements and process changes
  • Use a highly scalable solution to solve ever-changing business problems from simple to complex,


  • Iterate and adapt easily custom applications as your customer’s business evolves & grows,


  • Have the ability to make changes on the live app and extend it (via 3rd party plugins, javascript and the marketplace). No need to re-deploy it.
Organize data and content for better tracking and searching
  • Develop solutions that can run across diverse platforms and devices (Build once, run everywhere),


  • Make data and KPIs (business, project, product) visible and easy to find.
Claris FileMaker

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