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Kiza Solutions

We are on a mission to deliver information wellness – data that is clean, centralized, accessible, meaningful, and secure – because we believe that organizations the world over deserve excellent systems. We’ve seen too many great teams hindered by the tools that should be serving them. We’ve seen spreadsheets stretched beyond their breaking point. We’ve seen over-engineered, over-priced enterprise solutions collecting dust. Yet we’ve also seen how implementing smart data solutions can translate into immediate and lasting results. And we love exploring, creating, and serving. We believe that we each have a role to play in bringing wellness to the world, and we offer our clients the unique opportunity to participate in Rwanda’s inspiring story. We provide comprehensive professional training and career opportunities to talented technology developers in Rwanda. We proudly provide fair wages and holistic benefits to our staff that will impact their
families and communities for generations.


  • Bringing the truth
  • Right-sizing solutions
  • Simplifying the complex
  • Unlocking potential


We create value for our clients by mitigating risk, realizing efficiencies and driving growth. We follow a proven design and assembly process that inspires trust from initial exploratory conversations through complete user adoption, delivering top-notch results.


We have successfully performed integrations to the following accounting packages and software:

  • QuickBooks (accounting)
  • Xero (accounting)
  • NetSuite (accounting)
  • Tally (accounting)
  • TextIt (SMS)
  • Google Sheets (documents, Excel)
  • R (analytics and reporting package)


  • Multi-Currency Systems
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Low-Internet, Multi-Location Deployments
  • Mobile Field and Procurement Audits
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Traceability Pre-Built


The following pre-built modules can be integrated directly into legacy FileMaker solutions without disruption, and come standard with all of Kiza’s newly-built solutions (including cost-effective rewrites of legacy solutions):

  • Intuitive Power-Filters
  • Report Builder
  • Automatic Reporting Groups
  • Audit Trail
  • Status Workflows
  • Help System
  • Users & Groups
  • Centralized Menu Sets
  • Document Processing Inbox
  • SMS to FileMaker Inbox
  • Automatic ForEx Lookup
  • Shipping Container Tracking

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