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JSC „EcoCost“

One of the main activity is development and distribution of commercial product - Procurement process automation system. In our company we have successfully combined skills of Filemaker development with knowledge of procurement field by creating product that streamlines procurement procedures in the organisation from need identification to the invoice receiving.

Our products ensures an efficient procurement process organization, an optimal recourse management and real time control of procedures. All this is achieved by reduced paperwork and introduction of eDocument and eSignature technologies.

Main clients who trust our products are national railway company, airport, hospitals, municipalities. Also we work with companies of all sizes and across all industries offering custom-built Filemaker solutions. We work with range of key technologies:

Ecocost procurement process automation system

Procurement automation system has configurable task workflow for every procurement method which enforce proper and sequential process of procurement. Procurement management part is developed for these stages:

  1.  Preparation of procurement plan. That includes:
    1.  Procurement need classification into spend management categories;
    2. Tools for identification and consolidation of similar procurement needs;
    3.  Reports for procurement plan status;
  2. Preparation of requirements, tender notice, tender and contract documents. That includes:
    1. Specification of purchasing object defining parameters and quantities;
    2. Definition of qualification requirements;
    3. Selection of evaluation criteria and formula;
    4. Configuration of procurement settings;
    5. Generation of tender notice, proposal form, bidding and contract documents
  3. Tender evaluation. That includes:
    1. Import of proposals submitted by tenderers’;
    2. Qualification valuation results are entered in the system;
    3. Automatic qualification evaluation;
    4. Criteria evaluation results are entered in the system (in case of expert valuation);
    5. Automatic proposals evaluation by selected criteria and formula;
    6. Evaluation results are sent to evaluation committee members for confirmation;
    7. Confirmation of contract awards in the system;
    8. Contract award information are sent for approval to tender board members;
    9.  After approval contract award notice is sent for publishing to portal.

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