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Jin Technologies Private Limited

An-Naseehah is a software support division of Jin Technologies Private Limited. Since 1991, Jin Technologies has been providing a wide range of offshore desktop, mobile and web application development services to help our clients harness the power of technology and achieve their goals.

An-Naseehah helps business owners to devise, deploy, and maintain I.T. solutions to solve or streamline their business problems. Our team is experienced in building software-based solutions using cutting-edge development tools that require little or no computer programming. The result is quick and efficient solutions that put business owners back into control, not only of their businesses, but also of the solutions they deploy. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced IT professionals, possessing business-domain knowledge and technology competence, render truly innovative and high-quality solutions.

Problems in Software Development

  • Problems:
    • Software projects fail because of the tussle between what is required and what is delivered.
    • Clients realize they require something different than what was agreed after seeing the first deliverable.
    • Developers resist specs change and wrestle to meet agreed specs, budget, and timeframe.
  • Solution
    • The Citizen Developer Model (where the client is in control and the development team is happy).
    • An optimal solution to overcome business hurdles by introducing software solutions developed quickly on FileMaker Platform efficiently using little or less coding.
    • These are developed as per mutually agreed scope and are self maintained by the client after development, supported by our team of professionals.

What is Rapid Application Development?

  • Suite of software development methodology techniques and tools like FileMaker Platform
  • Used to Expedite Software Application Development
  • Uses Pre-defined and prototyping techniques and tools to develop applications
  • GUI based Development Environment (Drag & Drop)
  • Little or sometime no coding at all
  • Easily customizable by business user themselves

Other Technologies

To access FileMaker via web, we have the expertise to use Angular and Python or PHP technologies. These can help a larger audience to connect with the system developed on FileMaker and submit or extract data from it.

Features of Citizen Developer Model

  • Project Scope & Estimates

    • Requirements Gathering session to get the Work-Breakdown Structure of Tasks, along with their time estimates.
    • Once client agrees to the WBS, Tasks, Requirements and their respective estimates, then An-Naseehah initiates the development.
    • Whenever development time exceeds the estimated time, we inform the client with an explanation.
  • No Advance Payment

    • Development starts without any advance payment
  • Hourly Billing Model

    • Billing by end of Month
    • Based on Actual hours worked at an agreed hourly rate
    • Hours breakup available in a detailed hours logging sheet, accurate up to a minute
  • Source Code Access

    • Always available to the client during development
    • Also handover to client after project delivery
  • Any Time Contract Cancellation

    • Client can terminate the contract at anytime
    • And Take everything developed till that time
    • And continue themselves or award to another team
  • Online Customer Support

  • Advance Developer Tool and Self Project Development

    • We use FileMaker Platform that require less or no coding
    • Easy to use so clients can themselves easily maintain and enhance the system.

Solution and Prototype Developed

  • An-Naseehah Madersah Management System

In 2018, An-Naseehah developed and deployed a Madersah Management System for a client in Islamabad. The solution entirely built on FileMaker platform, enhanced and improved management processes of the Madersah.

Key functionality of the system:

  • Student’s Enrollment
  • Attendance and Fee Voucher management etc.
  • Students progress Report
  • Examination Report
  • An-Naseehah Accounting Solution

An-Naseehah Accounting Solution is a core requirement for any business. A completely customized solution was developed for a Publishing House in 2019 on FileMaker Platform. It is an ideal accounts management system suitable for small, medium or large-sized organizations and can be completely customized.

Key Functionality of the system:

  • Accounting with Multiple Level Hierarchy
  • Simple and Easy User Interface
  • Scalability
  • Different users can work in different accounting years.
  • The solution can be accessed remotely and can be accessible through mobile phone and web.
  • User roles with different security levels and permission. New roles can also be added easily and further
    customized as per requirement.
  • It supports a detailed Chart of Account (COA) for the transactional system.
  • Multiple control levels:
  • Field level access control, Data level access control and User level access control
  • An-Naseehah Complaint and Ticket Management System

An-Naseehah developed a prototype of a Complaint or Ticket Management System for one of its prospective client.

Key Functionality of the system:

  • Generate or manage complaints
  • Set their priority and assign to a repairman
  • Update their status and the assignment of repairman

Reporting: With addition of a reporting module, different types of reports can be generated that can help gauge a repairman's efficiency or average time of complaint resolution. These reports can be completely customized as per clients requirement.

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