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Cabitaş Mühendislik

Cabitaş has been in IT sector since 1989 and developing custom database solutions for more than 17 years.

Cabitaş produce solutions to make easy your life. Ready to use solutions for specific sectors are started with analysing demands obtained directly from your sector. Adding our knowledge and experience results successful solutions with happy customers.

Cabitaş have developed hundreds of database solutions for different scaled companies, from self-employed local firms to global companies have more than 10.000 employees. Our key point is understanding your needs, analyse your problems to offer solutions improves your business.

Ready to use (bundle) solutions Exportay (CRM and exporting process management), YMM Pro (Reporting tool for financial audit companies), Mine (Patient tracking software for dentist) improves productivity, eliminates mistakes and provides traceability of your business.

Custom solutions, such as CRM, MRP/ERP, Cost Accounting/Reporting tools boost your business with solutions that fits your Company.

Our qualified team present fast and flexible solutions for Mac, Windows, iOS and Web platforms. Offices in İstanbul and Konya offers solutions to Turkey and rest of the world.


Exportay is CRM and process management platform for export companies. Exportay provides solutions to work export departments seamlessly and fast. Paper-works, reports, accessing previous info is just close as a click.

Exportay is built for you

With experience for more than 15 years in exporting companies from various sectors (Automotive industry, manufacturing, machine, foods) makes you ready to use solutions.

Speed-up your business with Exportay

Price offer, Proforma Invoice, Packing List, custom documents, movement certificates and more are ready just in minutes. No need to copy/paste works, enter the info just one time, Exportay expands to various documents automatically. With importing from Excel files accelerate your speed enormously.

Past, not in past

Every transaction in Exportay stored in neat database format. Ability to reach previous data is so simple. You can see past prices, quantities while you are entering new order to your customer.

Zero mistakes

Yes, you can achieve “0” mistake goal with Exportay. No need to re-write same data again and again. Any changes automatically modify related documents. Warning system notices you for possible mistakes or inequalities.

Reports to manage your business

One of the most important key future of Exportay is reporting. This also makes Exportay kind of decision making tool. All the data in Exportay gives information about your company, products, sales, staff and more with visualized reports.

Mine – Patient Tracking for Dentists

Mine is easy to use patient tracking software for dentists.

Why you should manage your patients’ data with mine?

  • Easy to use interface
  • Instant setup, if you wish use directly from USB drive
  • Enter the data with just few clicks
  • Track your patients’ debts, print receipts
  • Take control your appointments with calendar
  • Print patient brief form
  • Notice teeth previously treated visually
  • Various reports
  • Cross platforms (Mac/PC/iPad/iPhone)

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