Vadim Volkov

Prospekt 20-Letiya Oktyabrya, 117А

Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Oblast

344020 Russia
Countries covered
Russia and CIS

Belrus LTD

Belrus is a well-known software distributor and reseller focused on Russia and CIS market, central office located in the warm south Russian city — Rostov-on-Don. Belrus offers a diverse software vendors including antiviruses (Avast and AVG), graphical design (Serif, Adobe, Corel, Maxon, etc.), system software (FileMaker, TraffPro) and many others (full range of software products for any needs: security, publishing systems, databases, creativity, CAD and 3D, operating systems, etc). We are partner of more than 100 software vendors. In work with our resellers and customers we are prefer stable long-lasting relationships based on trust.

We provide a online-b2b-sale-system for our resellers, help with reminders about upcoming renewals and do complex calculations of price, assist with choice of really needed positions for the customers. The technical department of the Belrus company performs works on the first-line technical support for Avast Software. Our reseller-net covers hundreds of partners in Russia and CIS.

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