Sharpen your competitive edge with AI.

Claris FileMaker 2024 powers new AI capabilities, giving you more value from your existing business data – safely and responsibly. Plus, this release offers new tools to build faster apps that are easier to maintain, and updates make deployment more secure and hassle-free.

Use AI to get the most from data you already have.

Give users new ways to explore and learn from your company’s data.
Ask questions using natural language instead of through complex queries.
Use semantic search to get answers from your data that you couldn’t previously.
Add AI into your existing workflows with no risk to your apps and data.

Increasing power and performance with every FileMaker release.

We’re delivering technologies on a quick cadence. FileMaker 2024 adds new features, advances capabilities, and expands on Claris platform support.

FileMaker’s expanded toolset modernizes custom apps.

Powerful new features and tools let you further optimize apps and continuously improve business operations.

New AI integration

  • Semantic search allows users to ask natural language questions with an app and get
    relevant answers.
  • New native AI Script steps available for model integrations.
  • Support for public or local models gives you control over data security and privacy.
  • Expands on Claris platform support for AI, such as Scripted LLM integration via REST APIs, predictive AI via embedded CoreML models, and more.

Better development experience

  • Optimize your scripts and apps with new tools supporting write operations, reverting transactions in subscripts, and new JSON functionality.
  • Better OData 4.01 compliance simplifies integration.
  • Refinements like local notifications, Import.log with themes and value lists as well as the Open Quickly shortcut make development easier.

Quicker deployment

  • Users are just one tap away from mobile apps that now capture any type of data.
  • FileMaker Go now logs data with the power of your workstation, now capturing any binary file type into container fields and importing more text data formats.
  • GetLiveTextAsJSON provides metadata, so app scripts are more accurate at extracting text from images.
  • New Widgets support links to favorite apps, and you can automatically launch your most important app when you start FileMaker Go.

Enhanced hosting capabilities

  • Clearer visibility and enhanced tools mean administrators can better view schedules and manage teams and users
  • Consolidation of schedules into one view within the FileMaker Server Admin Console helps administrators avoid conflicts.
  • Application Life Cycle management is better than ever, supporting scriptable file uploads and downloads, renaming files, and app versioning.

Our dedication to protecting your data and apps is our top priority. Use the latest FileMaker software for enterprise-grade security features to protect your data more rigorously.

Claris, an Apple company, puts security and privacy first.
Security credentials

Achievement of SOC 2® Type 2 report and ISO ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018 certifications for cloud services, ensuring compliance with leading industry standards in safeguarding customer data.


AES-256 encryption for data at rest and passwords. SSL/TLS 1.2 encryption for data in transit.


Authenticate via Active Directory, Open Directory or OAuth 2.0 identity providers. Supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication.

Simplified SSL Certificate Setup

New Let’s Encrypt feature is free and easy to use. Certificate requests and renewals can be automated with system scripts built into FileMaker Server for macOS or Ubuntu.

Performance, compatibility & reliability

More than 200 new performance, compatibility, and reliability issues fixed in FileMaker 2024 – a direct result from tester and developer feedback.


Claris FileMaker Pro

Design and create custom apps to organize contacts,
track inventory, manage events, and more.

Claris FileMaker Server

Securely host your custom apps on premise and
integrate them with other technologies.

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