Tasmeem has launched for Adobe InDesign CC 2018
Published on 20-11-2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Tasmeem for Adobe InDesign CC 2018.

If you are a existing Customer with a valid Tasmeem subscription, we have sent you an e-mail with the free upgrade to version CC 2018. If you have not received your upgrade, please contact us.

If you are a new Tasmeem Customer, please visit our product page for Tasmeem for InDesign CC to find your version.

What is Tasmeem?

Tasmeem is a plug-in that allows you to compose professional Arabic typography and design page layout for both print and web directly in Adobe InDesign.

The Tasmeem Full Pack includes:
• 1 Tasmeem license
• 14 Tasmeem fonts: Naskh, Emiri, Qarandash Beh, Qarandash Alef, Hasan Hiba, Hasan Noor, Arabetics Mehdi, Alwadi Grand, AlQuds (2 weights) and Winsoft Pro (4 weights).

The Tasmeem fonts have been specially developed to fully take advantage of Tasmeem’s advanced Arabic typographic features.

Tasmeem is used for example in  publishing houses, by graphic designers and educational institutions. It is used to create literary productions, illustrations, advertisements and much more!

Learn more about Tasmeem.

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