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Secure.CC is specialized in the rapid development of FileMaker apps. Their unique Live App Development
process gives their customers an unparalleled exciting experience with rapid results. is a great example of an app optimized for iPhone, iPad and the web.

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Main industries addressed

Secure.CC develops apps and solutions, mostly for micro enterprises in three main industries:



Media, Marketing & Advertising

Secure.CC and FileMaker

Secure.CC has developed its expertise in FileMaker solutions for more than 15 years. They not only deliver effective custom apps for their clients but also use FileMaker solution to manage their own data.

The company has selected FileMaker mainly for:

  • The ease of use
  • The rapidity to develop for professional outcome
  • The flexibility of the solution
  • The stability
  • The brand awareness of Claris, an Apple subsidiary

The Claris Partner program is an incredible opportunity for Secure.CC. They love the product and its direction and welcome the increasingly proactive Claris team which values its developers.

Illustration of Secure.CC expertise

Secure.CC successfully developed a solution to meet the specific needs and business challenge for the entertainment industry.

The customer’s objective?

Make the NextPitch distributed on iOS and Android but also accessible over web browser, while being scalable and secure.

The result?

Secure.CC developed the NextPitch App as an integral part of the NextPitch show which is interactive and showcases the most innovative live equity crowdfunding campaigns for the verdict of the crowd.
Through the app users can assign favorites and build their own portfolio.

We proudly work hand-in-hand with Secure.CC to deliver innovative solutions for customers

It’s simply a pleasure to working with Winsoft International.

Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll, president of Secure.CC