Claris Partner Program

Claris Partner Program
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Custom apps are in high demand

It’s a great time to create custom apps. Mobile devices have changed how businesses work. Teams are demanding apps that work across all of their devices. Internal IT organizations can’t deliver them fast enough. This creates a huge opportunity for outside developers to help businesses create and deploy the custom apps they need.

Partner benefits
  • Visibility on FileMaker and WinSoft websites
  • Customer referrals
  • Exclusive previews
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Partner networking
  • Reseller pricing
Pillars of Excellence

Design: Be able to create exceptional user experiences

Develop: Be certified on the latest version of FileMaker in order to help customer to be more productive with new features of the FileMaker Platform.

Educate: Introduce and promote new technologies

Innovate: Create products that increase FileMaker value

Advocate: Expand the FileMaker community of users

Grow: Contribute revenue through sales of FileMaker software

Ready to join ?

To join the Claris Partner Program, first tell us basic information about your company. We’ll contact you for further details including :

  • Customer references
  • Custom app work sample
  • FileMaker Certification (recommended)
  • List of FileMaker products and services on your website
  • Some additional requirements; varies by region

Upon final approval for membership, an annual fee will be required.

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For more information on the Claris Partner Program please contact us