Praxi Software

Discover more about Praxi Software, Claris partner.

Praxi Software is a company operating since 2015 based in Poland. Initially, it focused on mobile applications and augmented reality, they now concentrate on creating custom FileMaker applications and developing apps such as: Document management, financial management, financial indicator analysis based on full balance sheet and income statement data, company asset management, budget and project management, and monitoring account asset statuses.

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Main industries addressed

Praxi Software develops apps and solutions, mostly for micro enterprises in many industries:




Retail & Wholesale

Praxi Software and FileMaker

Praxi Software has developed its expertise in FileMaker solutions for 3 years. They not only deliver effective custom apps for their clients but also use FileMaker solution to manage their own data.

The company has selected FileMaker mainly for:

  • The ease of use
  • The rapidity to develop
  • The flexibility of the solution
  • The stability
  • The possibility to develop selected modules by customers

Illustration of Praxi Software expertise

Praxi Software successfully developed a solution to meet the specific needs and business challenge for the manufacturing industry.

The customer’s objective?

Have a solution to centralize HR system.

The result?

Praxi Software developed an app for Job Valuation integrated with HR system to manage all employees and positions in the company.

We proudly work hand-in-hand with Praxi Software to deliver innovative solutions for customers

Winsoft delivers very fast answers to our requests and they are very involved.

Konrad Bajor, Chariman of the board at Praxi Software