What is new with FileMaker 17
Published on 28-06-2018

A new and exiting version of FileMaker launched in May. Now that the localised versions for Central Europe and Middle East are finally out, let's have a look at some of the new functionalities in this version 17.

The FileMaker Data Migration Tool

One of the most significant changes with FileMaker 17 is the Data Migration Tool. The tool isn't strictly a version 17 feature, but a stand-alone command line app  that chan ben downloaded with the FileMaker Developer Subscription.  The idea is very simple, the tool takes data out of one file and inserts it into a clone file. The biggest advantage of the tool is that you can move data much faster than you could with scripted imports and that you are able to predict your timetable better. Other advantages are that you can migrate all data at once, instead of importing it from each table separately. The data migration tool also maps fields between source and target tables automatically.  Finally you can now also migrate user accounts, custom value lists and serial numbers.

Learn more about the new FileMaker Data Migration tool here and here.

Email attachments

It has been possible to send email messages with the Send Mail script set with FileMaker for a while now. However it has not been possible to send emails with multiple attachments. This has now changed with the release of version 17. You can read more on how to implement this new functionality here.

Master-detail layouts

The new FileMaker 17 platform spares us the master-detail layout aggravation with the new “Current Table” option in the Portal Setup dialog. By selecting “Current Table” within the “Show records from” field, you instruct the portal to display the records in the found set directly in the portal, just like a list view. So instead of having to create a relationship based on some complex set of fields, you can automatically display the records you just found.
Read more on Master-detail layouts here.

Button Setup Window

One simple future in FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced will make you save some precious development time: the Optional Script Parameter field in the Button Setup window.  By having the script parameter available right at the Button Setup makes it faster to change and add a parameter when needed. In previous versions you had to click on the button next to the script name, then click on the Edit button in the resulting window, now you can just click n the script parameter field in the Button Setup window and you’re at the Specify Calculation editor.

Read more on how to take out all of the new Button Setup Window here.

New Layout Window

In previous versions of FileMaker, while switching screens, one had to find all the control pallets and then rearrange them to work within a smaller screen. With FileMaker 17, the new Layout Mode configuration docks the Object Viewer, Inspector and Field Picker tools right to your Layout window, so that they are always visible even when working on a smaller screen. Read more here.

New within Licensing

With the launch of FileMaker 17 Platform, the new FileMaker User Licensing program was introduced. This new program enables you to get the entire FileMaker platform (FM Server, Web, Desktops and FM Go users). The Volume Licensing Customers have been automatically transitioned to this program in May and June 2018. You can read more about the new licensing model here. If you have any questions concerning the new licensing model, feel free to contact our Sales Team.

To try out all the new functionalities of FileMaker 17 download a free trial!

You can purchase your localised version of FileMaker 17 here.

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