Meet Soufiane

After his first career specialized in software development in Tunisia, Soufiane joined Winsoft International in 2003.
He started working in the testing department where he could lean on his development background to implement processes and tools to improve the efficiency of this crucial activity.
Soufiane quickly became a key player in the company to such an extent that all product managers wanted him as part of their team. He has worked on many projects and played a part in the release of most software.
Throughout the years, Winsoft became his second home and he assumed many roles, including that of an IT manager.

One of his main challenges was to present, in 2019, the internationalization of FileMaker solutions. When he revealed and demonstrated the features of the versions of FileMaker adapted by Winsoft, it was a huge hit amongst the audience of 200 developers and experts.

Soufiane has excellent skills in many subjects, and he is so resourceful and committed to Winsoft that he can overcome any challenge. He is able to tackle a subject effectively and propose an effective solution.

The thrill of facing a problem and finding ways to solve it is still intact.

Helping others is deeply rooted in his nature and he will go above and beyond to help them. He is committed to the company and his colleagues so much that the go-to person for most issues is often Soufiane! That is why he is one of the pillars for the sales team.

In his free time, he also enjoys exceeding himself through sport.

Soufiane Winsoft Team