Meet Priyadarshini

After a prior career in marketing, Priyadarshini joined the Winsoft International sales team in 2018.
The key ingredients for her choice? The career development opportunities, the workplace ambiance and the work-life balance.

In her role as a Sales Manager handling BtoB export sales, she successfully interacts daily with diverse clients and channel partners in Europe and South Asia.
Understanding the business problems and proposing relevant solutions to her clients, are the most challenging and exciting parts of her job.

Her dynamic and positive approach as well as her expertise in international business are undeniable assets to effectively develop the activity on emerging markets.
Like in any SME, multitasking is essential, so is thinking outside the box, but it brings out the best of oneself.
Not a single dull day at Winsoft!
The workplace ambiance, multi-cultural environment, dynamic and flexible atmosphere, play a huge part in the team spirit in which she thrives.

I’m amazed how a small company at the foothills of Alps is remotely handling business in several emerging countries like South-Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Even the business trips turn into fun memories: she had an absolute blast with the tricks of a Turkish ice-cream (Dondurma) seller during a sales kick-off in Turkey with her colleagues.

One of her key features: Priyadarshini’s laugh is so communicative that she gets everyone on board!

In her spare time, Priyadarshini enjoys connecting with the world and people, either through travel or through food.

Priyadarshini in key figures

4 spoken languages
10 trips abroad per year
0 unread email end of the day