Meet Mihaela

After a Master’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Product Management, Mihaela joined the Winsoft International team in 2013.

From being a sales assistant in the early days, she quickly assumed a key role in the company, and is now the sales director of a dynamic team that she has recruited and trained.

Her potential was noticed early on by the director at Winsoft, who had stated: “The person I recruited in the sales team has a quick mind and will go far!”

Her positive and benevolent approach has helped nurture the team spirit and the corporate culture over the years. She embraced and enhanced the company culture, where each one is engaged and involved in the growth of the company.
Mihaela is the “queen” of multitasking, handling both strategic and operational tasks: leading and motivating the sales team, managing the partner community, working hand-in-hand with the Claris team…
The selling aspect still plays a major part in her work and the thrill of closing deals is ever present.

So many things symbolize Winsoft for Mihaela: an accelerated pace of work, challenging and exciting objectives but also a lot of fun!

I love taking care of our partners’ community and I’m amazed to see all those unique solutions they build with the Claris platform.

Winsoft has become, over time, her second family. She enjoys business trips with colleagues, like a recent one to Turkey that was a wonderful way to bond with the team.

In her spare time, Mihaela enjoys discovering new horizons, whether hiking in the mountains or traveling across the world.

Mihaela Winsoft Team

Mihaela in key figures

29 countries visited
15 languages ​​in which she knows how to say Hello and thank you & 5 spoken languages
-9 meters: her “modest” diving record so far, in the Red Sea