Meet Liliana

Liliana joined Winsoft in 2006 during her block release training in international trade, management and marketing.
The international activity of Winsoft and the brand recognition of the partner at the time (Adobe) triggered her decision to join the company. But more than the field of activity, it was the values of the human-size company that was decisive in joining the organisation and being with it since then. Having her best friend already working for Winsoft was a good way to have a glimpse of the company culture beforehand!

She was able to rely on the confidence of the management and the freedom of initiative encouraged by the company to evolve and learn new trades.
By embracing this culture, she has had the opportunity to express her versatile abilities and successfully take on various missions like, sales administration, marketing, account management, first level support…

She has a strong sense of belonging that leads her to fully commit to everything she tackles and to give the best of herself.

The managers give the ability to own the mission to become the “captain of the boat”.

Liliana is an altruistic person at heart, very attentive to others and always making sure everyone feels good and thrives in their work.
Winsoft is her second family and she cares about the people, whether it be her colleagues or her clients. She is always the first to put everyone at ease, with her witty remarks!

In her spare time, she likes to listen to music, sing (even at work too, sometimes!) and spend quality time with her children and her husband (whom she met at Winsoft!).

Liliana Winsoft Team