Meet Cathy

Cathy’s journey with Winsoft has started like a first love story, that you will hardly forget…

She first joined the team in 2001 as an intern, expecting to spend 6 months in the company before heading towards new horizons. It finally turned into a 13-year career in the Marketing Department, with an impact at all company levels, working hand in hand with all the divisions at Winsoft to penetrate foreign markets and make Winsoft International, a software company in the heart of Alps, a strong brand in over 77 countries of the EMEA region!
That was quite a challenge and Cathy met it with flying colors!

To diversify her area of expertise, Cathy also worked for 8 years in a web agency as a Project Manager, handling in parallel up to 25 different client projects, bringing forward strong proposals on Digital Marketing strategy, always exceeding Clients’ expectations, with her creative and extremely methodical approach!

When in 2022 Cathy was contacted by Winsoft management to rejoin the team, her commitment to the company was still strong, so she made the decision to utilize all her skills and passion to make Winsoft grow even further and bolster its international presence!
“Joining back the company and the people at Winsoft, seemed an obvious choice, like a sense of coming back home.”

Cathy's secret for successful Marketing strategy ? Test & learn approach. "What I like at Winsoft is that you have the freedom to go through with your creative ideas and think out of the box, to find the right path! The management encourages initiatives, shows trust and is always supportive and rewarding. The result of it - everyone contributes at its best and the working atmosphere is constructive and exhilarating!"

What is Cathy's favorite part about working for Winsoft?

The diversity of missions and the multi-cultural aspect, in one single day you can exchange with Clients and Partners from the 4 corners of the world! How exciting is that!
Also the company culture thrives us to feel valued and to surpass oneself!

Being a real Swiss army knife, Cathy is capable of materializing any business development idea into a concrete marketing action plan faster than a speeding bullet, which is extremely valuable for the team and brings a unique agility to the company!
Her flexibility, creativity, team spirit, excellent organizational and planning skills, make Cathy a driving force at Winsoft in her role of Senior Marketing Manager.

In her free time, Cathy, mom of two handsome teenage boys, is always ready to discover new cultures and foreign countries through travels and … dancing. Cathy is a true passionate of exotic dances, whether it is flamenco, hawaiian dance or belly dance.

Cathy in key figures

18 countries visited
14 different dance styles learned
300 books read on eReader in 4 years