Meet Anis

As a polytechnic engineer, Anis first started his career at Winsoft in 2003. Besides his love at first sight of the Grenoble city, it was the activity of Winsoft, and its contribution to the unmet needs of the Arabic language in software, that convinced him.
His position has always been a challenge every day, for each product release with different source codes and technologies to master, but a very rewarding journey.

Anis is the master of software development with an impressive expertise and skills to discover and understand the philosophy of various technology and to adapt to release the software in a tight schedule, so much that Winsoft versions are released at the same time as the US versions.

The company culture, for him, has always been for him to about bringing different cultures together and its mission is to reveal languages, thanks to a correct processing in software.
So much so that when replying to engineer friends that inquired about the languages, instead of mentioning the programming languages he was using, he realized he was listing the impressive number of languages handled by Winsoft software instead!

It is impressive to see how a small company has such an impact with large solutions and software that are used all over the world and it is a great pride to have contributed to it.

He feels as part of a family, and the team spirit that reigns in the company illustrates it perfectly. It creates the perfect environment for him to thrive and shine.

In his spare time, Anis enjoys the mountain activities in the region that attracted him so much when joining Winsoft.