Meet Abir

After engineering studies, specializing in electrical engineering, Abir worked as a software developer on embedded systems for her final academic project.
Engaging in software development was the next logical step and aligns perfectly with her prior experience and her aspirations.

Passionate about exploring different cultures, the international dimension of Winsoft was also a significant draw to join the team.

The diverse and enriching missions of her position provide the perfect condition to continuously learn and enhance her skills.
Committed and rigorous, she is a keen observer and problem solver who likes to dissect, analyze and understand to build the most optimal solutions.

For Abir, the unique culture of the company encourages proposing new ideas or improvements while fostering a sense of solidarity. Diversity and individual contributions are respected and valued.

I feel fully accepted for who I am, embracing my unique cultural background and journey.

This gives her wings to go above and beyond and deliver the most effective and powerful software to the users.

In her spare time, Abir enjoys calm and relaxing activities, especially reading literature in literary Arabic. The beauty of the language serves as a boost to her identity, connecting her to its inherent elegance and richness.

Abir in key figures

3h per day on the phone with her family
1460km between France and Tunisia
5 years in engineering