Looking for an Excel alternative?

Move over to a solution that’s loaded with the features and functionality you need.
19 September 2023 • < 1 min

Move over to a solution that’s loaded with the features and functionality you need.

Go from spreadsheet to app in a snap.

Getting set up is easy. Just drag and drop your spreadsheet onto Claris FileMaker and you’re instantly ready to customize you app.

In less than 5 minutes, you can learn how to convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into a robust custom app that will let you manage all your information in the way you want.

Claris FileMaker vs Excel

Transform your spreadsheets into powerful custom apps.

With FileMaker create custom apps to better view, use, and leverage your data in new ways to benefit your business.

  • View information in list, form, table, or your own custom view.
  • Store and manage virtually any type of information (text, images, PDFs, numbers, files).
  • Create and publish custom reports.
  • Connect related information such as contacts, sales, and inventory.
  • Provide access and collaborate with multiple team members at the same time.

With Excel:

  • Create a customer list.
  • Set up an inventory list.
  • Perform financial analysis.

With FileMaker:

  • Create a customer list with related sales details, customer profiles, customer likes, and detailed customer interactions.
  • Create a comprehensive inventory management system with tracking, inventory level alerts, inventory ROI, barcode tracking, SKUs, wholesale and retail pricing, and pictures of each item.
  • Create quotes, invoices, purchase orders, vendor bills, customer and financial statements, and account and transaction inquires.
  • Integrate your custom apps with existing data and corporate applications.