Is Claris FileMaker being discontinued? No. Let’s clear the rumor.

See why developers around the world continue to trust FileMaker as their modern app development platform.
9 January 2024 • 2 min

With nearly four decades of history, Claris FileMaker has been a go-to for developers, aiding them in tackling their most challenging problems.

Its enduring presence may lead some to question its relevance in the fast-paced tech landscape, but rest assured, FileMaker is not being discontinued.

FileMaker is not being discontinued

FileMaker persists as a rapid application development solution, trusted by organizations worldwide. The latest version – FileMaker 2023, stands as a testament to its ongoing evolution, empowering developers to build the highest-performing, scalable, and reliable custom applications.

FileMaker is stronger than ever! Here’s why:

Five ways FileMaker continues to improve

1. Launch of Claris FileMaker 2023

FileMaker 2023‘s release proves Claris’s unwavering commitment to advancing FileMaker technologies.

This version promises higher app performance, enhanced scalability, and robust security protocols, enabling developers to deliver more valuable digital solutions.

2. Continuous evolution of FileMaker innovation

Developer input shapes the evolution of FileMaker, evident in the release of FileMaker 2023. Claris actively listens to the developer community, implementing their suggestions to enhance functionality.

This commitment to a continuous release cycle ensures that using the latest FileMaker version guarantees faster, more secure, and efficient solutions across various devices.

3. Expansion of the Claris Community

With over a million users globally relying on FileMaker, the potential for powerful solutions is only limited by your imagination.

The supportive Claris Community of over 30,000 active developers serves as an excellent resource for brainstorming and seeking advice. Additionally, a global network of Claris Partners can collaborate with you to plan, develop, and deploy a tailored digital solution.

4. Expansive and versatile customer base

Thousands of organizations across various industries keep turning to FileMaker to solve their toughest business challenges.

FileMaker’s appeal spans diverse industries. As a rapid application development platform, FileMaker enables companies to develop solutions at scale. From small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise organizations, customers of all sizes have streamlined operations and overcome hurdles with custom apps built using FileMaker.

Check out customer stories to see how businesses transform the way they work with FileMaker.

5. New FileMaker certifications

As FileMaker evolves, so do certification opportunities through the Claris certification program. Offering various certification paths allows developers to align their credentials with their skillsets. The ongoing development of certifications reflects FileMaker’s technological evolution.

These are just five of many reasons why Claris FileMaker is alive and very much thriving. You can count on FileMaker to assist in delivering high-performance custom applications that cater to your organization’s needs now and in the future.

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