Integrated Data Solutions

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Integrated Data Solutions, based in Romania, started in 2013 with the desire to offer custom solutions to the private medical sector. They worked closely with top healthcare professionals to create an optimal patient circuit and implement hardware and software infrastructure developed in FileMaker to achieve that.

Since 2016 they have been consulting and developing for a US based client active in the media and advertising market.
Since then, they have expanded their partnerships in the U.S. and consulted for clients that focused on event management or industrial production and improved the healthcare offerings in Romania while handling a large-scale hospital project.

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Main industries addressed

Integrated Data Solutions develops apps and solutions, mostly for small businesses in two main industries:


Media, Marketing & Advertising

Integrated Data Solutions and FileMaker

Integrated Data Solutions has developed its expertise in FileMaker solutions for 10 years. They not only deliver effective custom apps and vertical solutions for their clients but also use FileMaker solution to manage their own data.

The company has selected FileMaker mainly for:

  • The rapidity to develop, including the possibility to quickly create proofs of concept and prototypes
  • The flexibility of the solution
  • The brand awareness of Claris, an Apple subsidiary

The Claris Partner program is an incredible opportunity for Integrated Data Solutions to network with other members and gain more opportunities for new projects.

Illustration of Integrated Data Solutions expertise

Integrated Data Solutions successfully developed a solution to meet the specific needs and business challenge of a customer in the media industry.

The customer’s objective?

Have a solution to handle reporting. Reporting included several different technologies from a variety of inputs that required synchronization and standardization. Invoicing, done from said reporting required double checking all the sources.

The result?

Integrated Data Solutions used FileMaker to handle the automation of the reporting, integrating several external technologies with the existing FileMaker app.
In terms of accounting they developed some new quick checking tools and added a layer of QuickBooks integration to manage previously manual processes.

We proudly work hand-in-hand with Integrated Data Solutions to deliver innovative solutions for customers

Winsoft International has supported us in growing as a company and landing clients and of course with any licensing issues or sales we had.

Octavian Buta, founder of Integrated Data Solutions