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fmCustomApps - Claris Partner

fmCustomApps, with offices in Latvia and Australia, creates quality custom apps to streamline any business or organisation.

No more searching for data from spreadsheets, Outlook contacts, Word documents, emails, whiteboards and paper forms, all the data is available in one location and accessible from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Main industries addressed

fmCustomApps develops apps and solutions, mostly for small businesses in many industries:



Finance & Insurance

Government & Social services




Publishing & Printing

Textile & Fashion


fmCustomApps and FileMaker

fmCustomApps has developed its expertise in FileMaker solutions for more than 15 years to deliver effective custom apps and vertical solutions for their clients.

The company has selected FileMaker mainly for:

  • The ease of use
  • The rapidity to develop and prototype
  • The enhanced security
  • The stability
  • The support for mobile devices
  • The seamless integration with other technologies
  • The brand awareness of Claris, an Apple subsidiary

The Claris Partner program is an incredible opportunity for fmCustomApps to network with other developers and assure customers of the best quality solutions.

Illustration of fmCustomApps expertise

fmCustomApps successfully developed solutions to meet the specific needs and business challenge of customers in finance.

The customer’s objective?

Have a complete system for shares modeling and managing customer investment portfolios.

The result?

fmCustomApps developed an automated system that saves many hours. Data is downloaded automatically from various data sources, sharing of models are run in minutes compared to hours and spreadsheets have been replaced with an easy to use tool for customers to monitor their share portfolio performance.

The customer’s objective?

Have an event management system to track events, manage staff, resources, assets, expenses and produce quotes and invoices.

The result?

fmCustomApps developed a FileMaker system which streamlines the current workflow processes and integrates with accounting and other services. Dashboards provide an overview of events and essential financial details. Receipts are submitted via mobile devices.