FileMaker User Licensing FAQ

What is Claris FileMaker User Licensing?

Claris FileMaker User Licensing is a simple, cost-effective way for teams to license all of Claris FileMaker. FileMaker User Licensing is based on the number of unique users a company or organization who need to use Claris FileMaker software.

What is a user?

A user is a unique person who will need any type of access to Claris FileMaker. A user can create or use apps to view, enter, or modify data with iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, or the web using Claris FileMaker.

Why is Claris offering FileMaker User Licensing?

Licensing by user is easier and more flexible. When purchasing user licenses, customers only need to count the number of unique users that will need any type of access Claris FileMaker software. FileMaker User Licensing agreements include access to all of Claris FileMaker so customers do not have to specify which FileMaker products they want to use.

What are the benefits of FileMaker User Licensing?

FileMaker User Licensing provides access to all of Claris FileMaker so FileMaker customers can gain the maximum productivity by leveraging the entire product line. User licenses start at a low minimum initial quantity of 5 users and new users can be added as needed in increments of 1. In addition, licenses are now managed under a single license key that won’t change over time.

What products are included in FileMaker User Licensing?

All FileMaker User Licensing contracts include access, for a specified number of users, to all of Claris FileMaker. This includes FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

User licenses are granted for use of any FileMaker 2023 client, including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect. Each FileMaker User Licensing contract includes 3 licenses of FileMaker Server. Organizations can, for example, have a production server, backup server, and development server. If you need more than 3 FileMaker Servers, please contact our sales team.

Why isn’t FileMaker Pro Advanced included in FileMaker User Licensing?

Claris FileMaker Pro 2023 is the desktop software for Mac and Windows users. FileMaker Pro 2023 works whether connected to FileMaker Server or not; it works both online and offline. FileMaker Pro includes all of the features that were available with FileMaker Pro Advanced including advanced development and customization tools: Script Debugger, Data Viewer, enable Database Encryption, custom menus, custom functions, Database Design Report, and Kiosk mode.

Do we have to purchase additional users in increments of 5 like with the previous FileMaker Licensing for Teams?

No. Existing customers can add 1 or more additional users to their existing contract via the Claris Store or from their preferred reseller partner. New licensing customers start at a minimum initial quantity of 5 users but can add individual users as needed after that. Keep in mind that there are price breaks at 10 users, 25 users, 50 users, and beyond so you may actually save money by choosing a higher quantity of users.

What if I need less than 5 users?

If you’re a new customer or an existing customer without a licensing contract, you can purchase individual licenses of FileMaker Pro. These individual software licenses do not have any subscriptions attached nor do they offer Maintenance. If you’re an existing licensing customer, you can add additional users to your license by contacting our Sales team.

What if I need more than 99 users?

If you’re a new customer, you will want to contact our Sales team to purchase a license for more than 99 users.

Can I transfer a user license from one user to another?

User licenses are purchased for each unique user of Claris FileMaker. The company or organization licensing the software may reassign a user license to a new user replacing one who will no longer be using the software. User licenses may not be shared among multiple users. For example, if you have a user who leaves your organization, you may reassign the user license to their replacement.

Does Claris offer concurrent connections for new customers?

Yes, if you have anonymous users or occasional users, FileMaker Concurrent Connections Licensing may be the best licensing method. Contact our Sales team for more information.

How do I license for anonymous or occasional users?

If your users are anonymous (example; web browser users) or occasional users, contact our Sales team to purchase a FileMaker Concurrent Connections License (different from a FileMaker User License). A FileMaker Concurrent Connections License can be shared among multiple individuals and includes the use of one FileMaker Server instance.

To determine how many concurrent connections you need, estimate the maximum number of clients that will simultaneously access FileMaker Server at any given time.

Can I use new FileMaker Pro 2023 with an older version of FileMaker Server?

Yes, FileMaker Pro 2023 can connect to a minimum of FileMaker Server 19.4.2 as long are you are connecting with the properly licensed number of users or concurrent connections.

Can I use older FileMaker Pro clients with FileMaker Server 2023?

Yes, a minimum of FileMaker 19.4.2 clients can connect to FileMaker Server 2023, but each FileMaker User Licensing contract comes with FileMaker Pro 2023 licenses so you can upgrade your FileMaker Pro 19 licenses to FileMaker Pro 2023 licenses, depending on the number of users connecting.

How do I buy additional user licenses under the FileMaker User Licensing program?

Please have your license key ready and then contact our Sales team.

If you want to buy additional licenses under the FileMaker Concurrent Connections Licensing program, contact Sales or your preferred reseller partner, or access the Claris Store through the FileMaker Server Admin Console.

Can I reduce the number of users at a later date?

Yes. You can reduce the number of users, but only at the time of renewal. Contact our Sales team to make the change during renewal time.

How much data transfer do I get with FileMaker Data API with each FileMaker User/Concurrent Connections/Site License?

All inbound data requests have unlimited API data transfer. A FileMaker User License comes with 2 GB outbound API data transfer per license quantity, per month for a total of 24 GB per year, per license that can be shared among users. It is possible to add outbound data transfer if needed. Each additional API data purchase provides 2 GB of outbound API data transfer per license quantity, per month (24 GB per year). The annual API data transfer allotment may be prorated based on the end date of your contract. Total API data transfer is shared among all FileMaker Servers on a user license contract (or site license contract if applicable).

Can I get additional API data transfer without adding additional Users/Concurrent Connections/Seats?

Yes. You can purchase additional API data transfer units of 2 GBs per user license, per month by contacting our Sales team.

How is API data used up?

FileMaker Data API inbound data transfer is unlimited. Data is consumed when outbound data is transferred from your FileMaker clients hosted on FileMaker Server. This includes any outbound data used with the Tableau Web Data Connector for FileMaker.

Does container data count toward the Data API capacity?

No, container data is not counted.

What happens when I reach my API data limit?

When you’re nearing, reach, or exceed your license’s FileMaker Data API limit, messages will appear on your FileMaker Server Admin Console.

When does my API data transfer reset every year?

At a maximum, you have one full year of API data transfer usage before your usage against your cap is reset. Your exact reset date is different depending on your circumstances, but will always be on the same day/month every year.

How to determine your API data transfer usage reset date:

If you are a new customer purchasing licensing:

Your reset date will be on the anniversary of the start date of your contract.

A new FileMaker User License is purchased, and a new license is delivered starting June 2, 2023. It runs through June 2, 2024. Your API data transfer reset will occur every June 2.

If you are an existing licensing customer:

Your reset date will be based on the day/month of the “Effective from” date of your contract listed on your FileMaker Maintenance Release electronic software download (ESD) page.

You have a renewal that was effective from January 10 through July 15. Your API data transfer will reset every January 10.

Note: If you would like to confirm your API data transfer reset date, please contact Customer Support at 1 800 325 2747.

Does my unused API data transfer carry over to the next year?

No, API data transfer does not carry over.

You have 120 GB per year of API data transfer, and at the end of the year you have used 100 GB (100 GB/120 GB). Once the API data transfer resets, you will still have the 120 GB data transfer cap, but your usage will be reset to 0 GB (0 GB/120 GB).

What has changed with regard to license keys?

As of the release of the FileMaker 17 Platform, all FileMaker User Licensing or FileMaker Concurrent Connections Licensing contracts now include 1 license key to manage the installation of all products. Multiple license keys for each product are no longer needed. In cases where customers have multiple contracts or different kinds of licenses, they will receive multiple license keys. The license key is also embedded into the license certificate along with other licensing details. Customers current on their Maintenance or annual subscription will not receive new keys for Claris FileMaker 2023 — their existing keys are still valid.

Are there any changes to the licensing programs?

With the launch of the FileMaker 17 Platform, the two license programs allow for the following:

  • The FileMaker Concurrent Connections License that you received allows for simultaneous connections to one FileMaker Server. Any FileMaker Pro client installed with your FileMaker Concurrent Connections License will count towards the connections limit for any FileMaker Server associated with a FileMaker Concurrent Connections License.
  • The FileMaker User licenses allows your users to access all of Claris FileMaker, including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and 3 instances of FileMaker Server. Users that are included in your FileMaker User License can connect to any FileMaker Server and will not use up any concurrent connections.
Who can access which servers?

Individuals that are included in your FileMaker Concurrent Connections License may only access a FileMaker Server associated with a FileMaker Concurrent Connections License.

Users that are included in your FileMaker User License can connect to any FileMaker Server and will not count against any FileMaker Concurrent Connections License counts.

Which key should I use going forward to renew these contracts or add more users?

You should add to and renew each key separately, depending on if you want to add more FileMaker Concurrent Connections or FileMaker Users.

Can I combine all my contracts so I have only one key to manage all my FileMaker installations?

Each license type comes with a separate key. If you want either all user licenses or only concurrent connections then you can have only one key, otherwise you will need multiple keys.

What is a FileMaker License Certificate?

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are now required to be installed with a FileMaker License Certificate, which is an encrypted form of the details of your FileMaker License.

What does a FileMaker License Certificate do?

The FileMaker License Certificate ensures that your FileMaker Pro 2023 and FileMaker Server 2023 installation has the exact configuration of your FileMaker license.

How do license certificate details get updated in FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server?

After purchase, you will be sent a link to the Electronic Software Download page. There, you can download your software and separately download your license certificate. For FileMaker Pro, the license certificate should be located next to the installer to be picked up automatically. For FileMaker Server, the license certificate can be in the Downloads folder, the same directory as the installer, the path specified in the Assisted Install.txt, or the fixed license certificate location to be picked up automatically. The filename must keep the extension “.fmcert.” FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server use the license certificate to set the license key details during installation.

Are prices changing?

As of September 24, 2022, new pricing is effective for all Claris new and renewal customers. Licensing costs will increase by 10 percent on all Claris products. If you have any questions on price changes, please contact our Sales team or your preferred reseller partner.