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On-premise servers are costly. Discover a secure, reliable, easy-to-deploy and high speed infrastructure, empowered by

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Outstanding performance, off-site backups, reactive support, affordable licenses.

Your data is at the core of your success.
Collaborate in real-time with your coworkers and customers, granting them worldwide access to your FileMaker app, 24/7.

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First-Class Service

Hosting professionals and FileMaker experts combined make for the best results and customer experience. Count on us. We can be reached easily.
High Availability

Above 99.9% uptime on Tier III-IV datacenter infrastructure. With our Disaster Recovery Plan, your application can be redeployed in minutes.
Maintenance and Safety

New security threats appear constantly. Focus on your job while we take care of security for you.
Best Value

Our technological breakthroughs allowed us to cut prices in half. Buy or renew your FileMaker license with us to save even more.

Host up to 256 databases with instant setup in a secure environment. Let us handle everything for you: setup, security, offsite backups, and FileMaker license upgrades.

Looking for an easy way to handle your licensing and hosting contracts?

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and streamline your licensing and hosting with a single point of contact.

Have to speed up
your old server?

Being bound to hardware means your investment depreciates from day one, while making upgrades complex and costly. Our cloud gives you the speed you are looking for, we take care of the rest for you.

Looking for a trusted partner and a reactive team?

Operating a critical business application requires more than simply infrastructure. You want a partner who is there when you need it, with professionals you can rely on for expert advice.

Need access to your data from anywhere?

Today, business needs to happen where you are, and let you use your mobile devices: at the office or at home, while on the road, using your computer or even your phone. Our cloud makes that possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I be sure that my databases are safely hosted?

Our service meets all the state-of-the-art docker hosting standards.

All security related FileMaker Server features are available and activated (OAuth authentication, Encryption at Rest, SSL/TLS encryption, account lockout…).

We deploy in Tier III-IV, HIPAA compliant data centers, and all outsourced backups are encrypted and accessible through ftps only.

As if this was not enough, we asked NBS to audit our security and to perform penetration tests, and it turned out we’re doing really great.

We do not have access to your FileMaker databases (they’re password protected), only you do.

Backups are outsourced daily. In case of a total disaster (data center is destroyed), we’re able to re-deploy your server in minutes.

Do you provide a SSL certificate? Can I use my domain?

Yes! of course!

By default, your server will be located at a subdomain of (you can choose during the trial deployment), and of course this domain is secured.

But you can also use your own domain, and we will provide the SSL certificate… for free!

What will change if I migrate from a Windows or macOS server to Linux?

FileMaker Server for Linux has a slightly different feature set than the macOS and Windows versions.

  • Only Linux compatible plugins are supported, so if you’re using server-side plugins, make sure that your plugins are available on Linux.
  • Claris’ native php API is not supported on Linux (the XML API is), but our own replacement API (much better) is. Or you can consider switching to Data API or OData. We can help you with this: we have now transitioned so many projects from PHP to Data API that even complex projects can be migrated in a few hours.
  • The PDF engine and the available fonts are a bit different. If you’re generating PDF server side, we recommend that you test this during your trial.

Also, keep in mind that, even though you have access to the admin console and the admin API (Starter and Pro plans), there is no graphic interface on our servers. You have no access to the command line tool (except partners with the Partner console)

Is GDPR compliant?

Yes! we pay a great attention to this. We remind you though that hosting a database on a GDPR compliant cloud service does not make your app GDPR compliant. The GDPR compliance of your app is mostly in the hands of the developer. We do our part though, as far as hosting is concerned.