Claris FileMaker Pro 19.6


Unleash the power of your solution

New developer tools to be even more productive and efficient.

Claris FileMaker 19.6 continues to deliver significant improvements in performance, security, and reliability, including support for the latest Apple operating systems — macOS Venture, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16. Plus, get even more new tools you can trust to help solve the hard problems that matter to your important business operations.

Better control through automation.

Get better control and higher data integrity through automation.

  • Transactions
    Ensure greater data integrity with support for transactions. Using scripts, make changes to records in batches and automatically roll back those changes if an error occurs during the operation. This feature is ideal for accounting, invoicing, and other financial apps when it’s important that modifications to a group of records happen at the same time. Use transactions to create, edit, and delete sets of records.

Time-saving administration tools.

Get time-saving tools to make it easier for developers to manage and administer their custom apps.

  • Clone Only backup option
    Quickly create a clone of your app hosted on FileMaker Server without first backing up data or verifying the file. This option allows developers to save time if they only need a clone and don’t want to wait for a large file to be backed up.
  • Administrator Roles
    Get more granular control over your databases with the addition of Administrator Roles. This feature lets you administer a subset of available databases using a distinct username and password, including a chosen subset of privileges.
  • Additional database or container folder support
    For hosting best practices, FileMaker Server Admin Console and FileMaker Admin API now allow the configuration of a second additional database folder, a second container data folder, and the ability to back up files in a second container data folder.

Stronger security and authentication.

Get more granular security and authentication features to ensure their apps remain secure and private.

  • Sign in with Apple support
    Apple is now a supported OAuth identity provider in addition to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Accounts are automatically protected with two-factor authentication.
  • PKI authentication
    FileMaker Admin API can be validated via PKI authentication, which allows administrators to use a generated web token instead of a username and password pair. Additionally, other applications can leverage FileMaker Admin API without being given full access admin credentials to FileMaker Server.
  • Restrict Admin Console by IP address
    To reduce the chance of a brute force attack, FileMaker Server Admin Console and FileMaker Admin API include options to restrict access to Admin Console by IP address.
  • Protect against unauthorized access
    Filter Databases is now enabled by default, which requires authentication credentials to view files on FileMaker Server. FileMaker Data API can also utilize this enhancement.

More features and OS updates.

  • FileMaker 19.6.1 supports the latest Apple operating systems: macOS Ventura, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16.
  • FileMaker WebDirect now supports up to 600 concurrent user connections running on Ubuntu Linux.
  • CSS cashing improvements in FileMaker WebDirect optimize performance for auto-resizing layouts and Java web publishing.
  • OpenSSL 3.0.7 is supported.
  • More than 100 bugs are fixed in the FileMaker 19.6.1 platform.

View additional recent FileMaker 19 features:

Include add-ons with simple drag and drop.

Snap together robust apps faster than ever.
It’s a whole new way to easily add more functionality to your apps.


View a short demo

Learn how to quickly incorporate new functionality into your apps by using add-ons.

Extend the platform.

Create powerful, modern apps by using readily available JavaScript libraries or your own custom code.

JavaScript and FileMaker scripts

JavaScript in a web viewer and FileMaker scripts can communicate directly. Each can call the other and pass information between them.

Directly embed JavaScript in your apps

Incorporate things like maps, animated graphics,
data visualization, and more.


Easily integrate your FileMaker data into your other apps and services with the popular, REST-based integration standard, OData — now on Windows and macOS, in addition to Linux.

Live Text and QR code support

Expand your data capture capabilities. Add QR code data and Live Text from images to your FileMaker files (available with the latest Apple operating systems).

In FileMaker 19, native support for JavaScript makes custom implementations easier than ever, and new add-ons make adding hundreds of hours of JavaScript programing to your apps by simply dragging and dropping. All hail the democratization of code! JavaScript support in FileMaker 19 is an absolute game changer.

Cris Ippolite

Get more performance and reliability.

Advancements in performance and reliability provide a modern infrastructure that meet IT requirements.

Ubuntu 20.04 support

Get enterprise-grade Linux with support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in Claris FileMaker Server. Includes support for the latest third-party libraries, security features, and performance enhancements.

Save a Copy as XML

Generate XML representations of your FileMaker files on FileMaker Server at lightning-fast speeds. Get better automation capabilities, granular audit control with version tracking, and easier integration with third-party developer tools.

Mobile AI. Smarter apps.

Unlock the potential of your data and enable rich user experiences with AI
and machine learning for smarter apps.

Core ML support

Run machine learning models on your device for image classification, sentiment analysis, object detection, and more.

Support for Siri Shortcuts

Use your voice within FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro to automatically search for records, run reports for specific dates, send attachments via email, update inventory, modify files stored in container fields, and more.

NFC tag reading

Quickly get information on tagged merchandise, navigate to a specific item in a database, or check in at a kiosk.