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AQB is one of the three FileMaker Business Alliance members from India. With a team of young and talented developers, it is one of the best companies in the enterprise application development market segment. aQb Solutions is certified by BSI for Information Security Management System ISO 27001:2013
Main benefits
  • A significant growth of sales process management
  • Better visibility of Sales Projection
  • Time saving concerning invoice generation and rooming list reports
  • Increased efficiency in database management
Implementing FileMaker for a Travel Management Company

The application was developed for an event and travel management company with the size of about 50 employees and having its headquarter in Canada. It is actively involved in event management, hotel rooms booking, excursion planning, airplane tickets, event booking, and planning.

Business Challenge
  • The company was maintaining their operations mostly through applications Like Word and XLS. Invoices were being
    manually created in word and many complex reports were cumbersomely created in XLS.
  • The complex nature of the Invoices required hours to completely collate all the data and generate an Invoice.
  • Reports like rooming lists would take days to create before it is sent to hotels before an event. Valuable resource time was lost.
The Solution
  • AQB solutions designed an internal application for the company using FileMaker. The application not only digitised
    the whole business process it drastically reduced time to generate Invoices with complex structures and automatically collating data from multiple sections of the application. Complex reports were getting generated in minutes which used to take days to create earlier.
  • As all the data started to be stored digitally new reports were being developed with much less effort. Apart from the reports
    and documents required for the operations management started asking for other reports which gave them overview of
    the efficiency of the company in terms of revenue and operations.
  • PayPal was introduced as a payment option along with cash payment, cheque and net banking for efficient transactions.
    The application was gradually fine-tuned to provide features like splitting Invoices, Inventory Management , Lead
    Management etc.
  • Furthermore automatic allocation of customers in hotel rooms or events through the application was developed, resulting in higher accuracy with bookings and customer satisfaction.
The Outcome

A significant growth of sales process management was recorded. Better visibility of Sales Projection was noticed. The amount of
time saved was immediately noticed and the management was extremely satisfied with the time they were saving in processes
like Invoice generation and rooming list reports.

The company was now better managed with various management report at disposal. The whole projected resulted in significant
amount of savings in terms of costs for Human resources.

  • 15% increase in sales process efficacy was recorded.
  • 36% time was recorded to be saved.
Customer feedback

After the significant growth of sales as well as increased efficiency in database management, involving lesser man/hour, client
thanked aQb Solutions for their help and building the application at a very cost-efficient rate. Due to both the time saving as well as cost-effective measures taken by AQB Solutions to develop the application. Client was able to emphasize on other important
aspects of the company and spend both money and time on matters which needed attention.

After noticing an easy and better performance management, the COO of the company was happy in saying, “aQb Solution’s
designing capability based on business understanding, technological excellence, delivery manager’s communication and
timely project completion has helped us realise our business goal. Working with aQb has proven to be cost effective as well. Cheers to Team aQb.”

AQB is one of the three FileMaker Business Alliance members from India, and the client surely realized the benefits of choosing
AQB Solutions.

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