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For 30 years WinSoft International has worked with software publishers of all sizes to support them in their internationalization projects.

Winsoft is committed to helping software publishers successfully expand their business in new markets and increase their market share. We teamed up with top software publishers as Apple, Serif, FileMaker and Adobe Systems to globalize and distribute their products worldwide.
Through years of experience in international markets, Winsoft has a solid multicultural knowledge. We provide our partners a complete market expansion solution and allow their software business to grow while focusing on their core knowhow.
Winsoft provides specific developments concerning the adaptation and enhancement of software to better support all kind of non-Roman languages, including the double-byte Asian languages, as well as the right-to-left and context sensitive languages.
+ 50 000 Users
85 Countries
47 Partners
+30 Years of experience
The group
Enterprise Feedback Management Solutions
Vocaza, founded in 2004, develops and implements a survey software and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions. Vocaza helps companies and organizations to measure and manage their clients and employees satisfaction. Vocaza has over 1,000 customers worldwide, in all sectors.
Our partners
As a Claris Partner, Winsoft helps broaden our reach in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Through Winsoft, customers in these regions gain access to Claris FileMaker, a powerful platform with easy-to-use, digital tools for creating custom applications that quickly resolve manual businesses processes and lead to dynamic workplace transformation. Our strategic partnership with Winsoft has been in place for more than a decade, and we look forward to working closely together in years to come.” - Brad Freitag, Chief Executive Officer, Claris International Inc.
Winsoft has a dynamic and wide partnership network throughout Central and Eastern European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern regions. WinSoft operates in close cooperation with its partners to ensure the highest possible customers’ satisfaction.
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